“Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it.”
Samuel Johnson, the great lexicographer.

What we learn in our life is limited to our hands, and the untapped external knowledge is unlimited, where the quest for knowledge will never end in our life.

Every language is a complex system, which represents the domains and disciplines in their way. Words, phrases, and abbreviations are extensively used to describe concepts.

Greek and Latin were used in the early days to represent scientific concepts, and English became the lingua franca of the world later. 

Most of the scientific concepts are embedded mainly in English. To ensure a fair understanding of the various terminologies, representing the scientific concepts in the regional, national, and mother languages is essential.

Bringing all the terms and words used in bioscience in one place and representing them in Arabic is unique, which we achieved in this work.

Arabic has semantic richness, astonishing depth, and versatility. The responsibility of us is to translate most important scientific terminologies into Arabic and ensure the world that Arabic represents science more comprehensively.  

In the last few decades, biochemistry,  genomics and other related fields have been relentlessly evolving. Such newer developments and paradigms are getting increasingly embedded in the literature leading to the discovery of a new paradigm-based bioscience and medicine. The new discoveries in genomics and biochemistry have an impact on learning. Any publication related to biology should report and reflect such advancement, and this glossary is not an exception.

Approaches to identify the objectivity to the interpretation of biological concepts to derive significant insights are therefore needed.  Given the ever-increasing availability and complexity of the concepts in biological science, we carried out a formidable task. We strived hard to achieve an absolute representation of the leatest biology and biochemistry concepts in Arabic. 

This comprehensive collection of more than 17,000 scientific terms aims to represent each lexical component of biology and its subfields clearly and lucid. This Glossary provides the definitions and understanding of the significant terms in Biochemistry, Genomics, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics and the related fields. We are confident that this Glossary will be beneficial to students and scientists in Arab world.

Ahmed and Hani